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Pomoc dla Kubusia // Help for little Kubus

Kubuś ze starszym bratem / Kubus with his older brother.

Kubuś ze swoją Mamą / Kubus with his Mom

Witajcie, dziś, zanim ogłoszę konkurs i rozdam serduszka, chciałam przedstawić Wam synka naszych znajomych i zachęcić do pomagania mu.
Kubuś jest drugim dzieckiem Ani i Tomka, rodzice bardzo na niego czekali. Kubuś urodził się bardzo chory i potrzebuje wsparcia, żeby,  dzięki turnusom rehabilitacyjnym, mógł robić postępy i się rozwijać. 
Dla wszystkich, którzy chcieliby poznać historię tego ślicznego, dzielnego chłopca i wesprzeć wysilki jego i jego rodziców,  zapraszam do odwiedzenia strony, na której wszystkiego się dowiecie:

Today I'd like to introduce somebody to you. He's a little boy, son of our friends. His name's Kubus. He was born very very ill, but thanks to rehabilitation, he's making progress. However, his brave parents need some help to support him with necessary equipment and pay for extra rehabilitation. If you would like to meet Kubus and help him a bit, please visit this page:
I'll try to translate it briefly to English:

"Hi, I'm Kubus. I was born im May the 5th in Krakow. 
Doctors diagnosed West Syndrome and I have to take very strong medicines. I visit the hospital very often and have lots of medical tests, but in spite of everything I'm a cheerful boy. I belive, so do my parents, that I can win against my illness, also thanks to people's help and support."

"In the third trimester, an ultrasound showed that our baby has cerebral ventricle widening.It was a very bad news. But soon it turned up, it was only a beginning...
Directly after birth, Kubus got 10 for 10 Abgar points. We were so happy that our son is healthy and he can join us and his older brother at home. But three days later he had a puncture made and than  he collapsed. They took him to intensive care and he spent 10 days there.
We hoped, that the worst moments are already gone. But  when the boy was 5 weeks old he just stopped moving and turned blue. And again: hospital, lots of tests: Computer Tomography, Magnetic Resonance (have I translated it properly?), EEG. Our son was diagnosed with West Syndrome (sort of epilepsy). He has serious, permanent and irreversible brain changes; cerebral ventricles calcification, cerebral ventricles widening and some others.He's got Microcephaly.
In addition he had strong infant body asymmetry, low immunity to diseases, an umbilical hernia. Pretty much for one, little boy...
He's taking very strong anty-epilepsy medicines, he's under regular care of neurologists. He's been going to rehabilitation. But still, he had his attacks very often, plus infections...
Although our son is so ill, he's very brave. We can only say, that it's worth fighting. Every time he smiles he give us strength and hope that in future Kubus will be able to sit on his own, walk, have a happy and normal life."


His parents do their bests to help Kubus.
To make progress, Kubus has to work extremely hard. It's just impossible to imagine for parents having healthy children. 
To make the rehabilitation most effective, he needs expensive equipment (Theratogs is only an example). 
His parents are a young couple. His mother, due to the situation, had to quit her job and spend all her time with children.
I know Kubus. He's a really hard working, smiling little man. In his life, there is lots of hope along with tears and heavy work. If anyone wants to help him, it would be great. I'll try to write from time to time about Kubus, his brave parents and how they are doing.
Thank you for your attention.

If there's anybody willing to help it would be wonderful. Every cent counts and helps Kubus. Here you can find the account of the charity foundation that helps Kubus:

Fundacja Pomocy Osobom Niepelnosprawnym "Sloneczko"
77-400 Zlotow, Stawnica 33
SLB Zakrzewo O/Zlotow

with a note it's for Jakub (Kubus) Nawrocki 69/N

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